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Our specialists offer turnkey solutions for all your commercial and industrial needs, as well as serving the event and residential sectors.

With many offices in Quebec, our company can travel to all four corners of the province and everywhere in Ontario to ensure the personalized approach that has made our reputation for excellence. Whatever the size and nature of your project, large or small, temporary or permanent, summer or winter, we are a reliable and committed partner attentive to your every needs.

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When you rent units for your company or institution, you have access to high-performance and reliable products with the hands-on support provided by a team of experts with over 40 years of experience in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Our specialists will recommend the air treatment solutions that are best-suited to your specific needs and that meet the strictest hygiene and environmental norms — all at a reasonable cost to help ensure the comfort and air quality of your employees, customers and tenants.

Whether you’re in need of a chiller for a short-term project, a heater for a long-term installation, or looking to rent air conditioner with large air conditioning capacity, we have the perfect solution for you. We offer only the best brands, selected by our experts based on their guaranteed performance, reliability and versatility. Because our reputation depends on your satisfaction!

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Advantages of Renting HVAC Units for Commercial and Industrial Use

Opting to rent heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system offers an array of benefits in comparison to purchasing them.

  • Permits organizations to avoid making large upfront investments that can strain their finances
  • Ensures the company can tailor its heating and cooling capacity to fit its specific needs at any given time, allowing the business to adapt more quickly to changing circumstances
  • Comes with maintenance and repair services, which saves the organization’s maintenance personnel from the added burden of upkeep
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